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5 Player expansion allows Envyra to be played by 5 players.

CONTENT: 1 Player Shield, 1 Player Board (Grid), 5 Wooden Cubes, 5 Tiles, plastic bag (no box), downloadable rules

Envyra 5 Player Expansion

Envyra 5P Expansion Order

This mini expansion makes grey high point tiles easier to get for more players thus creating greater competition later in the game.

Allows to play Envyra ADRENALINE MODE!Envyra Adrenaline Mode Rules

CONTENT: 2 Easter Tiles


Envyra Easter

The expansion package Equilibrium provides additional ways to gain points thus making Envyra even more diverse and strategic.

Adding expansion into the base game is very easy and Equilibrium immediately feels like a natural part of Envyra game.

Equilibirum expansion is included with the base game.

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