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Envyra Game (Kickstarter Edition)

Fast & Clever Strategy Board Game with Simultaneous Action Selection. For 2 to 5 players, playable in 15-20 minutes. There are many strategies, but only…

Envyra Special Pack

Set of everything important from Envyra world. With discount. You are welcome...…

Easter Titles Expansion for Envyra Game

This mini expansion makes grey high point tiles easier to get for more players thus creating greater competition later in the game.…

Infinity Expansion for Envyra Game

Ultimate expansion perfecting the Envyra game. Like with other expansions, it is easy to implement with only a few seconds needed to understand the rules…

5 Player Expansion for Envyra Game

This expansion allows Envyra to be played by 5 players.…

Messe Tile (Promo) for Envyra Game

Envyra mini expansion offered for Essen Spiel visitors. Exclusively available here.…
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