Infinity Expansion for Envyra Game


Ultimate expansion perfecting the Envyra game. Like with other expansions, it is easy to implement with only a few seconds needed to understand the rules

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17 - 28 júl, 2024
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Infinity Expansion for Envyra Game

Infinity Expansion for Envyra Game





Infinity is the latest  Envyra expansion. Like with other Envyra expansions, INFINITY is easy to implement with only a few seconds needed to understand the rules. Make no mistake, even with Infinity Envyra remains the same fast and clever simultaneous action game, but now with even more options and infinite fun.

Note: Infinity expansion is compatible with all other Envyra expansion. It is not playable in ANDRENALINE MODE.



Infinity Tile cannot be captured but locks players’ cubes until the end of the game. Eight points reward for the player with most cubes on the Infinity tile during the scoring is tempting indeed. But finding the right moment to place your cubes here is not easy as placing them too early limits your capturing options for the rest of the game. Infinity adds a lot of tension to the later stages of the game.

The expansion also includes 2 Wild Tiles belonging to all three themes, with the unique solar system symbol (the ‘Fifth’ Symbol). But 2 negative points for getting the Wild Tile? …aaargh…do not complain…that’s fair the price for that precious tile 🙂





After the tiles are sorted during the setup (step 1), mix 2 Wild Tiles with other ‘S’ marked Tiles and mix 1 Infinity Tile with other (Basic) Tiles.

RULES (Infinity Tile):
Infinity Tile is very special. Cubes placed on this tile are never to be returned to their owners during the game (except the situation when all player’s cubes are removed from the Grid).
The player can target the Infinity Tile during Phase I only if this player is targeting another eligible tile with their second cube as well. That means the player cannot target the Infinity Tile with a single cube placement in Phase I.
Be careful not to place your cubes on this tile too early as you may have very limited capturing options for the rest of the game.

The player with the most cubes on Infinity Tile at the end of the game adds 8 points to their total. If more players have the most cubes (same number) placed on the Infinity Tile, they each gain 8 points divided by the number of tied players rounded down (i.e. each of two tied players gets 4 points, each of three tied players gets 2 points, etc.).

RULES (Wild Tiles):
Wild Tiles belong to all three themes (Green/Blue/Orange). The solar system symbol is unique to all three themes (the Fifth Symbol). Wild Tile could be captured by the player like any other tile.
The owner of the tile can choose which theme this tile belongs to and they can change this theme/color affiliation each round. That means Wild Tile can help the player acquire restricted tiles with different theme icons each round. Note that the Wild Tile could represent only one theme/color each round.

There are two restricted tiles in the Playing Grid. The first restricted tile displays 1 green and 2 orange icons on the right side and the second tile displays 1 blue, 1 green, and 1 orange icon. A player owns 1 green tile and 2 Wild Tiles thus this player is eligible to move their cube on any of these restricted tiles, but it can’t move their cube on both during the same round.

During the scoring, a player can choose again which theme their Wild Tile would belong to and add a unique solar system symbol to the set of that theme/color.
The Black Star symbol with the ‘-2’ VP mark means that the player owning the tile must deduct 2 VP points from their total during scoring.

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